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Kirppari for foreign buyers
What is Kirppari?

Kirppari is a Finnish auction site which operates in web.

The use of Kirppari is meant for Finnish buyers but foreign buyers are welcome.

The only language currently available is Finnish.


Registration is also open for foreign buyers. You can register by pressing the "Rekisteröidy nyt" link which is found at site´s top bar. Be sure you fill all the fields of the registration form with correct information; otherwise your registration will be rejected.

We won´t disclose your information to any third party or use them in advertising.


Please, before buying any item ask whether the seller is willing to ship the item to foreign countries. Even if there is a marking "International shipping" (in Finnish "Kansainvälinen kuljetus") in the item´s shipping terms (in Finnish "Kuljetusehdot") it is recommend to ask before buying. You can ask about this via "Lähetä myyjällä viesti" button. To buy items you have to be registered to Kirppari*. You can buy the item you want by navigating to the item´s auction page. There are two possible ways to buy the item depending how the seller has configured the auction: by buying now ("Osta heti") or by bidding ("Tee tarjous"). If the way to buy is bidding, you have to fill the bidding field with your highest bid. You see the lowest bid below the bidding field. You and the seller will get an email when the auction has ended pending that your bid is the winning bid.

*If you want buy the item without registering to Kirppari please ask the seller if this is possible. With this way you don´t have to register to Kirppari to buy items. You can simply ask the seller anything related to the item via "Lähetä myyjälle viesti" button.


Notice: if you are going to sell items in Kirppari you have to be prepared to ship them at least to Finland. (most of our buyers are from Finland)

If you are facing problems please contact Kirppari administration via "Kirppari yhteydenotto" -button and we will try our best to help you.